The Beginning

All journeys begin at home and home is where the heart is. Popular philosophy aside, its hard to truly appreciate where you are unless you know where you’ve been. No seriously… without trying to sound like I take myself too seriously…Crap!

On with it then… I’ve recently been on a marvelous academic journey that has literally taken me around the world. To the experienced traveler this might not seem like a big deal but to me it was… astounding. I will not however speak of where I’ve been but where I am now, at this very moment. Shillong is my home and although there have been countless times when I wished I was elsewhere, there is a certain small town charm to it that lingers in the back of your mind, no matter where you are. I must grudgingly admit however, that home was not quite as I remembered it. Glaring traffic sounds and a overpopulated pseudo metropolitan air is a rude awakening from the pristine memories you have as a child or even as a young adult. Shocked to an almost nightmarish apprehension for anything remotely affiliated to the new Shillong, I found myself staying home more often than not. Mr Biped… had forgotten how to walk.

Now I know this sounds quite melodramatic of me but there was a genuine sense of apprehension that I cannot fully describe. Coupled with the fact that I was right in the middle of a Meghalayan monsoon, I truly felt helpless. What followed were drawn out, completely unproductive days of staring into the computer screen. And then the lights went out. Anger lead to frustration to fear and then to complete and total silence. Suddenly I was 15 again… looking for candle sticks and matches, suddenly I was free. I took my first steps into the garden the very next day filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder and anticipation. I understood what it was that I needed to do. The following pictures and posts will be an attempt to find the Shillong that I once knew… the Shillong that I grew up in… the Shillong that might otherwise be forgotten.

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“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost