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The Origins of The Sawian Clan

Previously, we talked about how the two clans – Sohkhia and Marbuh were replaced by Nongtariang and Ngap Kynta clans respectively. The  Khar Ngap Kynta clan is a smaller clan that falls under one main clan The Khar Sawkpoh or Khar Sawkmie. Literally translated, that would mean ‘the clan of Four Stomachs or Four Mothers. Four clans were formed from the Four Mothers and they are the 1. Sawian 2. Phanbuh 3. Ngapkynta and 4. Kharsyntiew. So, without further adieu… let me tell you a story, about the  Sawkpoh clan and how it all began.

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The Sawian Clan: Part II

Part I

Part II

There was once a hunter from the village of Rangthong named U Shan Maram from the Marbaniang Clan who frequented the banks of the Umiam river.  One day, as he was out hunting, his hunting dogs fell upon a scent and followed it to the cave with Shan Maram right behind them. What he saw was a heart wrenching sight of a frightened girl in tattered clothing hiding in a cave. The girl upon seeing this strange man, ran into the cave screaming. After repeated promises that he meant her no harm, she came out. He told her who he was and she in turn explained her plight to him and Shan, taking pity on her asked her to come along with him to his village. Months rolled into years and soon the two eventually fell in love and got married. In time she gave birth to four daughters, the first was Tuli, the second Tula, the third Aji and the fourth Aja. When these girls grew up, as is customary amongst the Khasis, Aja, the youngest stayed on with the mother and father and the rest were sent by the father to various directions. Tuli went to the east with her family and both Tula and Aji’s families to the south. Together, they were named the Sawkpoh Clan (four wombs) and so they spread the across the hills of Sohra and the surrounding areas.

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