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Road Trip!

Sheep in a valley

If you’re someone from Shillong or even if you are planning a trip here, I’m pretty sure the name Sohra or Cherrapunji must have come up somewhere or the other… like on this blog for example 😀 To be honest, for the longest time, that name has been synonymous with Meghalaya tourism. That and Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia, which I may or may not write about. There is more to this place however than travel brochures can provide. The southern part of the state is not always seen as the best choice primarily because of the vast expanses of coal mines and heavy vehicles plying the road, making it unsafe and loud. It was on this road that we set upon to find the fabled kingdom of Nongkrem, with deep gorges that rivaled that of Sohra and open grasslands??? Heaven it seems can be found on the road to hell.

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