Exploring The World — The 2015 Milano World Expo

I am afraid I can’t possibly explain how excited I was to be there this June — The 2015 World Expo in Milan, Italy. This 2 day adventure around the world has been the absolute highlight of the year!  The Milano world expo meant a lot to me as it was something I promised myself 5 years ago (when I was a little girl with a silly fringe and first got to know what the world expo is) that I will somehow be there in 2015—- and I made it!
For those who also love architecture/ travelling/ culture/ food and technology, the expo won’t let you down. And I can’t wait to share this mind blowing experience with you!

“Feeding The Planet, Energy For Life”  

(This was the theme for this year, and come on, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food? If an exhibition is centered around food, you know it only gets better.)

Pavilion 0


If you are reading this blog, you most likely have a fridge or freezer at home, or an airtight box to keep your lunch fresh and hygienic. It doesn’t occur to us that in many places such facilities are missing – which results in a waste of food. The UN is working on promoting and providing proper storage facilities to lessen food waste, and keep food fresh for people.

Brazil Pavilion


This is probably the coolest entrance ever, although it requires some skills and effort!  You can tell how I was concentrating on each and every step.

United Kingdom Pavilion


Designed like a honeycomb, the UK Pavilion wants the world to look into the universal problem of bees disappearing. And of course, an English pub was in the honeycomb serving the favourite, Pimms!

The Future Supermarket


I LOVED it so much! Oh my word, so this is some great technology. See those black notice boards above my head? They ain’t just simple, boring boards! If you simply use your finger to “point” at any product ( yes dear, just point at it), the above board will show and tell you EVERYTHING you may want to know about it: HOW/ WHO/ WHERE/ WHEN!

Switzerland Pavilion


The Swiss did not quite made an effort in terms of their look. It wasn’t all that fancy and glamorous, but it delivered a simple great concept! The Switzerland pavilion stocked the building with 4 items: coffee, apple, salt and water, which Switzerland is known for. These items are given out for FREE, with no strict limitations on how much you take. HOWEVER, when items run out, there won’t be any replacements. The flooring of the building is designed to be able to descend when each floor empties out until it reaches the ground floor. So to reflect on the situation of our resources in the real world, there seems to be a lot in the beginning, isn’t it? And those who come first have the most. But as first comers how much shall we take? Are we taking just what we need or are we being too greedy? Maybe those who come later will have nothing? Or perhaps not everything? Is it fair?  It is a very straight forward question.

Japan Pavilion


There are not enough reasons why I admire the Japanese. The long queue was so worth it, the visit was so intense and engaging that I don’t have many good photos to show people! I know my description is probably not helping you to understand what is going on in the Japan pavilion, but it was incredible. And Japanese food, class!

Germany Pavilion


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 22.43.12

Green architecture, sustainable energy, high technology, delivering information on soil, water, climate and biodiversity, followed with food production and consumption in the urban world.  The Germans have indeed impressed me. A blank cardboard (with a few grey spotted stickers on the edges) were given at the door before entering. The magic in this is you need to pick your language first ( a choice between English/ German/ Italian.).  The cardboard  works like a reading pad! You place the board under the light beams and information will begin playing on your board, in the language you selected!!! Trust me it is so much more exciting and mind blowing while actually doing it than to try reading my explanations.

It is definitely not all of what I’ve seen and done in the world expo- the list and photos could probably make my dissertation! It was an incredible adventure around the world!

Till next time!



4 thoughts on “Exploring The World — The 2015 Milano World Expo”

  1. Great read and great photos.
    Something should have been said about the Indian “Basmati” and “Henna” pavilion. It is time that India woke up to the world concerns of food and food wastage. It is really astounding that India has about 900 million poor people and the wastage of food is simply mind-boggling. Instead of promoting basmati rice, which is the rice of choice of the rich, there are a lot more to show about Indian cuisine and culture.


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